Is the piano tuned?

The piano is tuned prior to leaving the warehouse. Once in the customers home, the piano needs approximately 4 weeks to settle in its new environment as it needs to adjust to the change in temperature and humidity. This is why we recommend not placing your piano near a heat source. Once settled we recommend getting a tuner to make a final assessment.

Will the piano fit in my house?

We sell paper cut outs so you can see whether or not the piano will fit. Purchase one here. If you want to get the tape measure out, the piano is 152cm wide x 152cm  Long

How is the piano moved and delivered?

Parts of the piano are taken off such as the legs and the pedals. Then the piano is placed into a 'piano shoe' and onto a set of wheels. This lets us move the Piano through doors with ease. The piano is then set up by our professional piano movers

Does it play as a normal piano?

Yes, the piano functions normally as a piano for a pianist to play

How do you control the piano?

You control it all wirelessly through an app on our free ipad included with the piano.

Does it need plugging in?

Yes, one single plug socket is needed.

Do the keys move when it plays itself?

Yes, the piano keys and hammers are controlled via many motors and electronics underneath the piano.